Talc Talk


Ever since Talcum powder was introduced it has been a favorite among parents for use on their babies. Moms use the powder to help with diaper rash and soaking up moisture in their child’s diaper. However recently Johnson and Johnson, who is the largest seller of talcum powder, has come under fire for the powders potential dangers.

Talcum Powder has recently been liked to ovarian, lung and uterine cancers. One woman’s family has even sued Johnson and Johnson for $72 million dollars in damages from her death and won. The families lawyer argued that the company had known for years that Talc could cause cancer.

All of these things make you wonder whey we still use baby powder that contains Talcum powder on babies. If it is causing cancer,¬†introducing it at such a young age could be potentially detrimental to a child’s future health.

There has been no proof that talc is beneficial in any way to powders. Especially not when it is being used on children. Parents need to know that what they are using on their child could kill them one day. In fact everyone has the right to know that something so simple could be cancerous. Women use powder with talc in it everyday. From face powders to dry shampoos to powders we use to soak up sweat. This is something that is used everyday.

It’s unfortunate that people have to pay such close attention to everything that they are putting into their bodies. But unfortunately that is the world we live in.


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