Job Search Woes

As school nears it’s end many of us seniors are thinking about our next steps in life. From graduation to jobs to moving, all of these things are starting to spin through our minds like a tilt-a-whirl. All these things start to make us wonder, what’s next?

For me personally I will be moving out of state in August so the job search is a little different for me. I am planning on getting a job in my current field and then searching for my dream job once I am more stable. For many others once we graduate they are planning on diving into the wonderful world of PR head first. Everyone’s journey is going to look different once June rolls around.

Many students at the SOJC are being taught how to build their resumes and brand. We are taught how to mold ourselves into employees that and employer would want to hire. Another thing we learn is the power of networking. LinkedIn is one of the best and most popular networking sites there is. LinkedIn is used to connect with professionals in your job field or people that you may already know. You can use this to expand your network and find new jobs.


In a usatoday post written by the Petersons they tell you how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile. There are many tips to help you with your LinkedIn profile but one of the ones that stuck with me the most was keeping your LinkedIn profile updated. I have neglected my LinkedIn profile for a while now even though I shouldn’t. It states that by keeping up to date you don’t miss any possible connections and job offers that could be coming your way.

All in all everyone will find their paths after school but until then, update your LinkedIn and keep trying to make new connections. You never know what opportunities may arise.


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