The Candidate’s Views On Healthcare

With the presidentialRepublican-vs-Democrat-Red-and-Blue race heating up, it is no wonder healthcare has become a topic of interest in the recent weeks. With the mixed feelings on Obama’s healthcare reform many are wondering where do we go from here?  I think all Americans can agree on one thing though, something has to change. The four frontrunners Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio all have very different ideas on healthcare so that leaves the people of the US with many options.

Our current healthcare system is slightly confusing. There are large insurance companies as well as state run insurance companies. There is an open marketplace where you can buy insurance from an insurance company if your work does not provide it. If you cannot afford to buy insurance you have two options. Option one is to apply for state funded insurance that is of no cost to you if you qualify. Your other option is to be uninsured and pay a fine every year. Everyone is required to have healthcare in the US currently under new healthcare laws to reduce the cost of insurance. This healthcare system has had a lot of problems from people choosing not to be insured to website problems to many other issues.

Clintons views on healthcare are that she believes “Health care is a basic right. We are 90 percent covered, we gotta get to 100 percent, and then we gotta get cost down and make it work for everybody. And even though we didn’t get it then, we’ve got it now and I’m going to defend it and improve it.” according to an interview with AOL. Clinton has yet to lay out a plan for how she thinks this should happen. She also has stated she wants to put money into Alzheimer’s and autism research.

Sanders plan includes things like expanding Medicare coverage, make sure all people have access to healthcare, implement a single-payer healthcare system among many other things. Sanders would like people to have healthcare regardless of income or job status. He would also like to cut mindless spending on things that are not necessary.\

Trump has said that he supports universal healthcare but he would repeal Obamacare. In an interview with Forbes Trump said, “Mr. Trump will be proposing a health plan that will return authority to the states and operate under free market principles. Mr. Trump’s plan will provide choice to the buyer, provide individual tax relief for health insurance and keep plans portable and affordable. The plan will break the health insurance company monopolies and allow individuals to buy across state lines.”

Rubio has not stated he has a specific plan to help the healthcare system. He has stated that he would like to repeal Obamacare and he has also stated that prescription drug prices are too high. Rubio however has not come up with a plan to combat these things nor has he really stated what form of healthcare he would like to replace the current system with.

So with all the differing and vague ideas on healthcare it is no wonder people are more confused than ever. Hopefully this information will help people understand a little more about healthcare and what each candidate sees for the future.



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