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What is Zika anyways?

imgresZika, I’m sure you’ve heard of it recently, unless you’ve been living under a rock. What exactly is Zika though? Zika is a mosquito borne illness that has spread like wildfire through South America and has been moving it’s way into the United States as well. The reason people are so concerned with Zika is because it has been linked to a birth defect called Microcephaly.

The birth defect Microcephaly can cause children to be born with abnormally small heads which can lead to developmental disabilities and even death. Children with Microcephaly can have defects ranging anywhere from just the size of their head being small to needing round the clock care for the rest of their lives. Women of child bearing age and pregnant women have been urged not to travel to any area that has been affected by the Zika Virus.

Zika Virus has recently been detected in the United States bring the fear of the virus closer to home. The CDC has recently put out new warnings regarding the spread of the virus and how to prevent it. They have recommended limited travel and if you have to travel to use bug repellent, wear long clothing and avoid the outdoors. The CDC is recommending these things to limit people time outside and their potential exposure to mosquitoes. There is also new information that the virus may be sexually transmitted which poses a whole new set of problems for the CDC.

With all of the potential dangers that the Zika virus is causing it is no wonder that people are choosing to travel less at this time. Many travel agencies have had cancelled trips due t the virus and more people are choosing to travel elsewhere for vacations. Though the virus is new to the United Sates it seems as though we have not heard the last about the Zika virus.



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