The NFL has brain problems…

imgresOver the past few years the NFL has come under a large amount of scrutiny when it comes to players and brain injuries. From Ray Rice to Jevon Belcher the NFL is becoming more accustomed to talking about the safety of their players and the idea of Chronic traumatic encephalopathy better known as CTE. This degenerative brain disease is a hot topic in the football world with the finding that many deceased players have had this disease. The disease is causing men in their twenties to have alzheimer  like symptoms, as well as depression and many other serious mental and physical disorders. The NFL has remained mostly silent when it comes to this topic with a few rule changes here and word or two there, the problem is not actually being addressed. As scientists learn more about the disease it has become apparent to many that this disease needs to be dealt with before all of their players are seriously injured or injure someone else.

Many medical professionals have started to link this disease to Violence in players as well. Many of the NFLs players have been involved in violent outbursts lately that have gone public. So it makes you wonder why the NFL has done nothing about the disease when so many of their players have been brought up on domestic violence, assault and other charges lately. If these charges could be linked to something that the players have no control over you would assume the NFL would want to know that. However, the NFL chose to withdraw it’s funding recently from a brain study that would help scientists learn more about CTE. This move left fans confused wanting to know what is being done about the NFLs concussion problems:


Without studies being done on living patients many are becoming increasingly worried that CTE is something that will be swept under the rug. Parents have started pulling their children from football and with fan reactions such as the ones above were are left to wonder why this problem isn’t being taken more seriously and how many players are going to have to die before the NFL will make some changes.


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