The Great Vaccine Debate.

images.jpgThere is an ever growing debate on the use of vaccinations. Should you vaccinate your children? Or should you choose to abstain from vaccinating your children? This is the question that is posed to today’s new parents and it has them wondering which choice is the best for their child.

First one of the main things we have to look at is why parents are choosing not to vaccinate. There are a number of reasons but the most common reasons are Religion, Medical reasons, Autism and a fear of the ingredients. Parents can choose to to forgo vaccines in most states under an exemption. In most states there are Religious exemptions and Medical exemptions. These two exemptions allow parents to not vaccinate their children though, proof is not required to gain either of these.

The other two main reasons parents choose not to vaccinate are the fear that vaccines cause Autism and a fear that some of the ingredients in vaccinations can be harmful to children. While many years ago it was thought that vaccinations could be linked to autism in children this notion has since been proven to be wrong. The fear came from a study that was published by Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 1998. This study was later found to be falsified and filled with incorrect information. The second fear is that ingredients in vaccines such as Thimerosal can be harmful to young children. Thimerosal contains minimal amount of mercury and that is where the main concern come in. The ingredient is added to vaccines to keep bacteria from growing in the suspensions. The CDC has done numerous studies and found that Thimerosal is completely safe and poses no threat.

Parents have every right to choose what to do with their children. Hopefully this blog post will help shed a little light on why there is a debate about vaccinations and help parents make an informed decision on what to do with their bundles of joy.


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