Finding communication where it lacks.

imagesCommunication is a huge problem in the world of Invisible      Illness. When there is so little known about a problem it is hard to communicate about. When there is so little that is understood about something how can we expect doctors to explain it when it’s something that they can not explain themselves? How does this affect their patients? And what can we do to help create a bridge of communication between the two?

The problems many people run into when communicating about Invisible Illnesses is that they are just that, invisible. People have lists of symptoms that you can not physically see and doctors and can not always test for. Patient must learn to actively communicate about their disease with their doctor other wise thing can get lost in translation. invisible Illness is all about who well you can communicate your symptoms and what they are doing to you.

Communication helps offer support to patients and doctors by better understand what the patient is going through. The more that the patient can communicate about what they are feeling the more the doctor can help. Some doctors start by alleviating symptoms. If a patient had tingling they can try and minimize that symptom and then move on to other things. Even if we do not understand Invisible Illness it does not mean that being able to communicate about it won’t help. Also being able to communicate to each other about our illnesses can help bring about awareness. People with invisible illnesses tend to feel isolated because others do not understand what they are going through. The more people talk about these kinds of illnesses then the more aware others are that they exist. By bringing awareness to the cause you are helping everyday people who have to deal with the glares and whispers that they get about their illness.

Some of the best tips I can give to people about how to communicate on health issues are:

  • Be completely honest about your disease. If you can’t be honest with you communication about your disease then how can you expect others to understand?
  • Use words that people understand. A lot of illnesses involve a lot of medical jargon that can confusing. Try and use words or expressions others will understand.
  • Make sure you understand your disease before trying to explain it to others. If you have a lack of understanding when it comes to your disease, do some research and come up with some information about what you’re going through. If you can’t understand it how can you expect anyone else to.

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